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Ibogaine: natural plant medicine that safely interrupts addiction and reduces 80-90% of the painful withdraw symptoms

Science and History

Ibogaine is an ancient natural tribal remedy native to a West Central African shrub called Tabernanthe Iboga. It has an ancient history in shamanic rituals of initiation and spiritual quests.

Ibogaine has a remarkable ability to interrupt chemical addictions, particularly opioids. Over the last 25 years, since we discovered this plant medicine, people with addictions have been experiencing symptom-free withdrawal.

Ibogaine offers full physiological freedom from chemical dependency through it’s unique binding activity of the metabolite.

Ibogaine neurochemically interrupts addiction and produces a physically and psychologically pre-addicted state. As a result, people with addictions are able to evaluate and heal their habits from a non-addicted standpoint.

Ibogaine allows people to heal without having to suffer any terrifying withdrawal symptoms. To heal the underlying psychological aspects of addiction we offer and recommend specific psychotherapeutic modalities following our ibogaine treatments.

How Ibogaine Works

There has been a growing interest in studying ibogaine over the past three decades. Pre-clinical trials have shown that Ibogaine breaks both the physical and emotional patterns of addiction. Ibogaine has also shown to provide life-changing insight and guidance. Ibogaine acts on the mammalian GDNF or addiction pathway.

New Research

Ibogaine interacts with numerous neurological receptors and transporters. These make up the cellular network that modulates dopamine-dependent activity and independent circuits. Ibogaine seems to reduce dopamine concentrations in the body and reverse the affects of highly addictive drugs: cocaine, morphine, amphetamines and nicotine. All of these drugs act upon dopaminergic systems thus stimulating dopamine production in the body. Ibogaine seems to reverse this process by antagonizing dopaminergic systems.

Ibogaine has been observed in clinical studies to inhibit naloxone and affect serotonin transmission in the brain, which reduces addiction. Ibogaine is proven to inhibit self-administration of cocaine in rats. One dose of Ibogaine decreased cocaine consumption in 5 days by 60-80%. Ibogaine was also found to lower the self-administration of morphine and alcohol.

Ibogaine affects the central nervous system in a variety of ways. Psychologically, Ibogaine is capable of producing visions and hallucinations at high doses. Acute effects include mild tremors and a dramatic resurgence of repressed memories. These experiences can last up to 8 hours and eventually subside into a 24-hour state of relaxation. Some people experience mild insomnia after the treatment.



Ibogaine’s active treatment phase lasts between 15 and 36 hours, depending on the dose and the individual metabolism. When there has been a longtime addiction a recovery period of 1-3 days may be needed after the 2 days dedicated to ibogaine. Methadone users should allow themselves at least 1 week. Our medical services begin 24 hours prior to treatment and 72 hours following. Extended treatment stay options are available.


Every session is unique to the purpose for which the ibogaine is being used. A person with a long-term addiction will not have the same experience as a person wanting to heal a psychological condition or someone using Ibogaine solely for a spiritual quest. All treatments involves physical, psychological, and spiritual experiences.


40 minutes: buzzing in the ears, dizziness, ataxia, dreamlike visions, flashes of lights and images, symbols of subconscious themes
2 to 4 hours: dreamlike visions slowly fade as the brain becomes more restful and integrates the first phase
20 to 36 hours: any residual dizziness, ataxia, and insomnia disappears and full functionality is restored
48 to 72 hours: endorphin output increases leading to a general sense of well-being, known as the “renaissance effect”


At our clinic, opiate withdrawals are eradicated within the first dose given. The acute and post acute withdrawal symptoms are controlled entirely throughout opioid related detox sessions. Insomnia may be experienced for up to 3 weeks, which can be treated with sleeping medication.

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