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Natures Treatment Center Aftercare Program


Aspects of Aftercare…

Natures Treatment Center has outstanding resources in Aftercare Counseling and Therapy. Our Aftercare Program creates an individualized treatment plan and implements continuous supervision initially, and tapers off in the final week of aftercare, so that any issues that will surface can do so in a structured setting. Co-occurring disorders are common in addicted individuals, and are very often the cause of relapses. Our thorough screening and assessment process will assist in determining if any other issues need to be addressed during aftercare. Our Clinical Psychologist is capable and competent to treat typical co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and many others. Other addictions and dependencies will also be evaluated and integrated into the Aftercare Treatment Plan.

Our philosophy of Treatment is to address the whole of the person. Of course the body and the mind, but also the emotional, social and spiritual aspects of our being. We firmly believe that only by finding the core issues that underlie the need for “medicating” the pain of life will the individual be truly free from the fear of likely relapse.


Special Features…

Natures Treatment Center provides a varied, nutritionally balanced and delicious diet rich in fresh and organic items grown or raised locally, and prepared in manner that will delight your taste buds.

Nutrition has been shown to have a huge impact on the body and mind of a person recovering from addiction. We provide individualized nutritional counseling and teach basic principles that will carry over into the home environment. Emphasis on transitioning to home environment is critical and is built into aftercare beginning the very first day.

For gentle exercise, Antigua is a great place to walk and bike. As Antigua is a small town, about 12 blocks square, many delightful little shops are fit into a small space. Dance classes and self-defense classes are available for more vigorous exercise.

Bodywork is available in many forms. One hour Massages are available daily, yoga classes are available several times a week, and Meditation is provided daily.

Outings and adventures to local events are provided, including golfing at La Reunion Golf Course at the foot of Volcan de Fuego, shopping at hundreds of local stores, carriage rides, horseback riding, bike riding, and art classes with individual instruction, birdwatching, and tours available to many cultural places of interest.

Our staff includes a Medical Doctor, Iboga Practitioner, Clinical Psychologist, and Massage Therapist.

Our facility is located in a comfortable yet elegant home in a gated community in Antigua. A whirlpool and small pool as well as high speed internet and cable are added benefits.


After-Care Tips…

Following treatment at our Center, we highly recommend you find a support network and professional follow-up care, staying clean requires a change in lifestyle and social circles. We collaborate with treatment professionals around the world and can offer referrals.

Prior to leaving Nature’s Treatment Center, we encourage our clients to reach out to other participants to expand their social support system.

People with chemical addictions often have mental and/or emotional disturbances such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks etc. Drugs are often used to self-medicate these issues. These symptoms tend to resurface after the process of detoxing,

People addicted drugs, especially opioids, frequently go through the cycles of kicking and relapsing. These cycles cause chemical imbalances and de-regulated neurotransmitters, creating and exacerbating depression. There are psychotropic medications that restore chemical balance and are effective for detox and recovery with little side effects. These medications can be a great supplement to psychotherapy.

Working out and eating healthy helps the central nervous system get back in to shape and releases endorphins that feel good naturally. Many people in recovery do not know, or have forgotten how to eat healthy.

Changing habits from an addicted lifestyle is hard yet very important to staying clean. So is changing the former social network and building a new one with people who support a sober lifestyle. Ibogaine and Heantos will not do this for you.

We highly recommend seeking the help of a professional addiction counselor following treatment at our center. Psychotherapy and behavioral therapy from a certified clinician can be essential to recovery.

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