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IBOGAINE - Heal Through Nature

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Psycho-Spiritual Retreats


Nature’s Treatment Center is a holistic retreat center offering full medical supervision for addiction detox and psycho-spiritual sessions.

We have over 20 years experience providing the most effective natural addiction treatments including Ibogaine and interdisciplinary psychotherapeutic services.

We provide all of these unique medically supervised treatments within a relaxing retreat setting.

We integrate the natural psychoactive substance of Ibogaine with a variety of psychotherapeutic modalities to create the most holistic treatment available. All of this within a tropical retreat atmosphere with modern medical supervision.

Ibogaine neurochemically interrupts addiction and produces a physically and psychologically pre-addicted state. As a result, people with addictions are able to evaluate and heal their habits from a non-addicted standpoint.

There has been a growing interest in studying ibogaine over the past three decades. Pre-clinical trials have shown that Ibogaine breaks both the physical and emotional patterns of addiction. Ibogaine has also shown to provide life-changing insight and guidance. Ibogaine acts on the mammalian GDNF or addiction pathway.


We are an interdisciplinary team doctors, an occupational therapist, addiction recovery specialists, and a team of professional support staff.

Our care-providers are available throughout active treatments and after care periods. Our clients benefit from experiencing therapeutic and psycho-spiritual sessions in the safety of a relaxed environment with supportive professionals on hand.

In addition to psychoactive medicines and psychotherapeutic services, we offer luxury treatments such as full body massage, wet and dry saunas, weight room, professional chiropractic work. We cater your mind, body, and spirit during your stay at Nature’s Treatment Center.


Nature’s Treatment Center is located in the beautiful town of Antigua, Guatemala. Private rooms with tranquil decor,  relaxing beds, cable TV, WiFi, kitchen, and laundry facilities. Recover in a tropical environment with magnificent views of lush vegetation, birds, animals, mountains and volcanos.

We are only 1 hour 15 minutes from La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City.

Outdoors amenities include jacuzzi and park-like setting. You can also take walks, ride a bike or horse thru the splendid nature trails surrounding the center in Antigua.

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